Simplified ZPoint Protocol

Recently I had a conversation with Sandra Cisneros, a ZPoint Practitioner in Austin Texas in the United States and she made a wonderful suggestion on how to simplify the Process and make it more effective at the same time.

For example, if you use a ZPoint opening statement, it would be:

Whenever I think about __________, I feel… <cue>

This statement is intended to bring up a Characteristic Feeling around whatever you are thinking about. For example, you could say;

Whenever I think about deserving more financial abundance in my life, I feel… and you would then repeat your cue word for a few moments followed by going through the regular ZPoint Statement, like this…

I clear all the ways I feel this feeling. <cue>

I clear all the ways I feel this feeling because… <cue>

And so on, going through all of the statements including the remainders.

Sandra’s contribution is to simply repeat, “and that makes me feel…” <cue> four or five times after repeating the opening statement, followed by the usual repetition of your cue word… like this…

Whenever I think about deserving more financial abundance in my life, I feel… <cue>

…and that makes me feel… <cue> – repeat your cue for 10 seconds

…and that makes me feel… <cue>- repeat your cue for 10 seconds

…and that makes me feel… <cue> – repeat your cue for 10 seconds

…and that makes me feel… <cue> – repeat your cue for 10 seconds

…and that makes me feel… <cue> – repeat your cue for 10 seconds

When you do this, you work your way through the layers of feelings brought up as you repeat the Opening Statement. In effect, repeating “and that makes me feel…”, brings up a new Characteristic Feeling each time you say it after the initial Opening Statement. And by repeating your cue, you release that new Characteristic Feeling.

I’ve been playing with this new variation for about a week now and have used it with great success on myself and about a dozen others. It’s proven itself to be both simple, easy to remember and very effective. This is not to say that there won’t be times when very difficult feelings require that you repeat the full clearing Protocol, but it’s easy to remember and allows you to practice ZPoint in the moment as things come up.

Another way of accomplishing the same end, would be to use the traditional “I clear all the ways…” statement and instead of going through the entire protocol, you would simply repeat the first line followed by a number of “and that makes me feel” statements. Like this…

I clear all the ways I feel this feeling… <cue>

… and that makes me feel… <cue>

… and that makes me feel… <cue>

… and that makes me feel… <cue>

… and that makes me feel… <cue>

… and that makes me feel… <cue>

Either way you do this, it makes the whole Process easier and often more effective. Please try this yourself and let me know how you make out.

Kindest regards,



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12 thoughts on “Simplified ZPoint Protocol”

  1. hi grant,
    I tried the new version on a moment when I was hopeful, and than repeated; how does it make me feel..
    5 or 6 times.
    I found out that I realy climbed the emotional ladder (abraham-hicks) from hopeful to bliss and I ended at a sereen feeling of stillness, a place where I could realy FEEL what it is like to ALLOW.
    I know and intent to allow, but to realy FEEL the feeling and letting everything flow like this, was new to me.
    so it works also the other way around. not only to release but also to pollish up and feel even better!!
    did you had this experience as well??
    warmest regards, from an icy holland


  2. I’m a little confused as to whether after every ‘and that makes me feel’ and cue word we say ‘I clear all the ways I feel this feeling’, or just go through all the layers with ‘and that makes me feel’, then ICATW at the end.
    All the Best


  3. Hi ALL

    I am married for 5 years now and due to great indifference in me and my wife, culture-wise, money-wise, educationwise, thoughtwise, our food habits, even things that we like to watch on screen (TV or movies), there had never been an iota of similarity between us. She is arrogant at times, unkind, harsh, and everything that you can think about. On a positive side, I still love and like her for reasons I cant state here. No definitely not the MONEY thing, definitely not. I am in this marriage and have not had the marital interactions (hope you guys understand what I mean here) for three years now. And this to a large extent is affecting my self-esteem, self-confidence and not being able to give her a child (no i dont have any sexual dysfunctions). This is eating me every single day and putting her to unimaginable misery as she sees every one around with kids and here we dont even have the ***. Please advise urgently how can ZPoint help for a problem like this. I had tried EFT before and I know how these energy modality works. Please help me urgently…. !

    Regards – GK


  4. Help me clarify… the word is the same throughout the sequence? So if I feel… anxious… do I use that words throughout the entire sequence using anxious and that will release the layers?

    Hoping to understand this process.



    1. Patti, it’s really quite simple. With ZPoint we put our attention on something that feels uncomfortable. That “something” can be a situation, circumstance or relationship. For example, when we think of a certain person we feel very uncomfortable. We can, using the process, completely release that feeling. And when we do this, we also alter the relationship between that person and us in a very positive and meaningful way.

      Think of the ZPoint Process in the same way that you would think of an automatic garbage disposal system. Its purpose is to make it easy for you to let go of the things in your life that cause you to be unhappy. No muss, no fuss. All you have to do is take that feeling that you want to let go of that no longer serves you and process it using ZPoint. When you do this simply by putting your attention on that feeling, going through the statements and remembering to repeat your cue word as you do so, you let go of what is not you more into alignment to you really are. And, who you really are is very happy indeed.

      This was meant to be easy. Just allow yourself to feel something that doesn’t feel good. Chances are it will be a feeling that you have felt for a very long time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to let that feeling go, now, finally? Just go through The Process.


    1. Darren,

      The easiest way to to this is to start by intending to place your feeling into the releasing circle and start going through the process. Keep going until you’ve done at least 4 complete rounds then test the feeling to see whether it’s still there. Once you start you don’t need to think about the bad feeling again until the end.


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