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  Saul Audio Blog for Friday May 29th

Time is running out!  Time is of the illusion, of the dream or nightmare, and dreams themselves last only a moment.  Yes, they frequently appear to occupy long and ongoing periods of time as your expectations, anxieties, fears, and hopes fill your minds with “what if” thoughts that distract you from living in the now moment, the only “real” time that exists.  The now moment is the eternal moment, the moment in which you were created and which never ends, there is, in truth, only now. Any other time, although seemingly very real, is unreal. That is very hard for you to grasp as you struggle with the endless selection of issues and situations the dream state constantly brings to your attention, which was the whole purpose for constructing it.  It is indeed very confusing for you because of the extreme and…

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Peace and happiness are found by being your true Self.

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday May 23rd.

Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long and arduous.  You have all spent many lifetimes trying to find your way Home.  As you know from personal experience much suffering is undergone as you search for love and are betrayed or abandoned by those who you would relate to with love.  It often seems that life is not meant to be either happy or enjoyable, but more likely a path that involves much pain and suffering.  And those who lead so-called “good lives” are just as likely to suffer as anyone else.  There appears to be little point in behaving well for it seems to make absolutely no difference, as the rewards available within the illusion often seem to be awarded to those least worthy to receive them.

The illusion is an insane environment.  It was built collectively to enable you to separate…

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A Thoughtful Testimonial for ZPOINT

I have been diagnosed with PTSD twice – on two separate occasions for two different  and separate life threatening events. When I spoke to Grant in March 2015, I no longer had PTSD as per the medical criteria for that diagnosis, however, I was aware that trauma resulting from compound distressing ‘life events’ still remained – at a very deep level – which had stubbornly resisted all the other therapies that had helped me over the years.

My final ZPoint session was two months ago, and since then I have been “testing” whether it had really worked. Immediately after the last session I felt different – lighter and ‘on a high’ for a while – but I needed to allow myself time to re-balance and embrace my ‘new being’. I wanted to “test” how I felt, reacted and behaved in the following days and gather irrefutable evidence – for myself – that the effects (i.e. trauma) of those cumulative ‘life events’ that had been locked inside me for 23 years because there was no time to process them before the next illness, death or loss occurred had, finally, been cleared.

The evidence came from three separate, unrelated but significant events which have occurred during the last two months. The first ‘event’ was the biggest “test” and I am still in awe of how I felt and behaved. Someone I’d had no contact with for 9+ years, who the mere thought of still triggered the most unpleasant responses in me (anger, disgust, shock, revulsion, rage to name but a few) was suddenly ‘there’ staring at me and then came and stood right behind me, despite there being an empty checkout they could have used. As I was already engaged in a transaction, I couldn’t leave … and what a blessing that turned out to be. Despite their close proximity/physical presence, I had no reaction to them whatsoever. There was nothing! No physical reaction in my body, no emotions springing up, no thoughts coming to mind – absolutely nothing. It was as though they didn’t exist/weren’t there – or were a stranger I didn’t have the slightest interest in. I didn’t look at the person … but not as an avoidance tactic but because there was no reason to, they just didn’t exist on my radar. I completed my transaction calmly, without haste, stepped to the side to re-arrange my bag and the person left the building ahead of me. When I got outside and saw their retreating back I suddenly realised the above and laughed out loud. This detachment is freedom … what a joy – with more realisation … that person has gone and all those horrible thoughts and feelings about them and towards them have also gone … and that is a gift. And the anger towards myself in relation to this person has gone, too – which is an even greater gift.

For the last 9+ years just the thought, let alone the actual presence, of that person had a negative effect upon me but, after the ZPoint sessions, that changed completely. Also, the other two events related to totally different issues and, again, I responded in a completely new and different way to each – yet more evidence that something has been released, has shifted and changed within me … all for the better … and it feels wonderful. As I’ve done nothing else over this period that could account for these changes, I can only conclude that it was as a consequence of the ZPoint process and that ZPoint WORKS!

ZPoint has earned my endorsement because it helped me BEYOND what other therapies were able to achieve for me. It accessed and cleared the compacted, long-held trauma that was a deeply emotional and painful bundle of different life events that were so knotted together I couldn’t separate them – and neither could other therapies. ZPoint did all the ‘heavy lifting’ in releasing this mass of trauma held within me – I did not have to ‘tell my story’ again and re-live any of the distress. Indeed, the process was so gentle it didn’t seem possible that it could have worked … but IT DID!

With hindsight, I can see that knotted bundle of many unresolved traumas (with a small ‘t’) contributed to the following two diagnoses of PTSD (trauma with a capital ‘T’) that I suffered as a result of two different life threatening events. Other therapies helped clear some of the issues related to those events and the symptoms of PTSD I experienced – i.e. nightmares, night terrors, avoidance behaviour, flashbacks, etc – but they didn’t release all the trauma, and didn’t touch the compacted traumas that had gone before and were buried deep within me.

Outwardly, not a lot has changed but what has occurred is a big internal shift – especially in regard to the relationship I have with myself. By remaining alert and aware to any healing change, I have noticed I have totally new perspectives on past events and, as importantly, about myself. I was ‘on a high’ after the last session and the ‘big evidence event’ above and, at the time, it was easy to think that feeling would last. It didn’t, and realistically couldn’t, last but that doesn’t mean shifts and changes are not occurring in a quieter more gentle way – they are just more subtle, but no less profound for their subtlety.

In my view and experience (both personally and professionally – I am a licensed therapist), ZPoint is able to access and address those aspects of PTSD and trauma that cannot be separated out, that are deeply held and, seemingly, inaccessible via other methods, i.e. those deep, tangled, extremely complex emotions/issues that relate to multiple intertwining distressing events – that are too complicated to ‘deal with’ via other methods (talking therapies, psychotherapy, psychiatry, EFT) because they require being specific, having clarity and working on a specific (single) event – so the trauma stays stuck and doesn’t get cleared. As I’ve found, after 18 years of actively seeking release from the pain (physical and emotional) of trauma, enough of the pot is emptied to ‘cope’ with what remains but it continues to have a negative effect. ZPoint allows you to get to that stuff because you don’t have to consciously know/remember what it is, or unravel it – you just have to place that whole time in the releasing circle and keep processing/washing it through until it has gone.

I have used many different types of therapy, some of which I have gained – and continue to gain – enormous benefits from (I won’t deny that) but, equally, others have done little or nothing to help me. I’ve drawn comparisons with all these therapies and have evidence that ZPoint released the stuck trauma. Until ZPoint, I’d learned to co-exist with that ‘bundle of pain’ nothing else had accessed … and now it’s gone … I’m free and to say that feels wonderful is an understatement!

I am filled with gratitude for the healing gifts of ZPoint and feel truly blessed to have been through this simple, painless but highly effective and powerful process. Whilst I would never claim that one particular therapeutic modality will work for everyone, I’d be beyond surprised if someone didn’t benefit in any way from the ZPoint process. If you want to heal and recover, I recommend you try it … and I wish you the same excellent results I’ve experienced.

I test and assess healing tools rigorously and hold them to a high standard. I do not make recommendations lightly – especially for a healing therapy/process/system – because I believe I have a responsibility towards the people who accept/act upon what I say. All too often, it seems, people are careless with their praise or, worse, they intentionally mislead (for personal gain, image protection or some other reason), with no thought for the effect/cost (on a third party) of any exaggeration or falsehood they may make. Whilst the above is only my opinion based on my personal experience of the ZPoint process, it is honest and sincere.

Kathleen Meryck – Healing Detective

Love can always be the answer

smiley-681577_1280It’s easy to get upset when things aren’t going the way you want them to.

Perhaps you are in trouble financially or your marriage is shaky after that last big argument.

Or perhaps one of your children is giving you big problems.

When things don’t go right it never feels good. Financial worry doesn’t feel good. Relationship problems don’t feel good. Health issues never feel good and that’s for sure.

Just to change the subject for a moment… Did you know that the word LOVE is actually a verb?

That’s right. Love is an action or attitude that starts the ball rolling toward resolving real problems or issues. That action is called LOVE and is actually the long term answer to any question or problem that you may have. Love always feels good.

Here’s why:

Love is an energy just like anger is an energy. And, as we all know, the energy of love has certain qualities, a few of which are:

  • Acceptance
  • Balance
  • Calmness
  • Courage
  • Expansiveness
  • Growth
  • Gratitude
  • Integrity
  • Kindness
  • Strength
  • Transcendance
  • Trust

Consider that any problem we have is a problem only because one or more of the above qualities is lacking. Adding the energy of LOVE to the problems of life brings resolution and balance.

This Sunday April 19th at 11am New York Time, I will be holding an introductory teleseminar based on the idea that we can solve the big problems in our lives by adding the energy of love using ZPoint.

A few minutes before 11am New York Time, call (605) 781-0006 and enter access code 871731. I’ll explain everything you’ll need to know to start making a loving difference in all parts of your life.

Please, forward this to friends who may be interested.








Do you suffer from Trauma?

injury-154030_1280The American Psychological Association defines Trauma:

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical. Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. While these feelings are normal, some people have difficulty moving on with their lives.

As mentioned above, the longer term reactions to trauma can include:

  • unpredictable emotions
  • flashbacks
  • strained relationships
  • physical symptoms like headaches or nausea

We begin a ZPoint Session for Trauma by intending that the period of time in question goes into the ZPoint Releasing Circle and round after round, we clear every thought, feeling, belief and attitude that sits within our subconscious mind that is related to the original event and the consequences of that.

ZPoint has been found to be very effective in reducing or eliminating these reactions and can do so very quickly. It does so without the need to specifically recall the details of the original trauma.

ZPoint is effective because it speaks directly to the subconscious mind and allows us to release our attachment to the deep underlying emotions that appear to be trapped by the Trauma itself.

These unresolved emotions as mentioned, are the root of the issue and once resolved and released, allow a person’s life to get back to normal. Actually, better than normal in many cases.

If you’d like to learn more, contact me directly by email at and we’ll set up a time to speak directly.

Kind regards,

Grant Connolly


Say YES yes yes yes yes to Life

Grant_ConnollyEvery Sunday morning at 11am Eastern I facilitate a free teleconference call focusing on issues that most of us share.

This Sunday’s call will be about releasing all the ways we may unconsciously resist the very thing we say we want the most.


I’ll spend the first few minutes explaining ZPoint if this is your first time and then I’ll take all of us through a complete clearing to resolve all the ways we are in conflict with ourselves and others. 

By the time we finish we’ll all be deeply peaceful, physically relaxed and find that we love and accept ourselves and others, just a little bit more.

It is also my intention to help heal ‘blame’ in the collective unconscious itself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all wake up on Monday morning to a more peaceful world?

To join us from the U.S. call (605) 562-3131 with Participant Access Code – 871731#

If you live elsewhere, you’ll find local numbers listed below along with a Playback Number to listen to a recording of the completed call. You can also listen to previous week’s calls on this blog. 

Country Conference Number Playback Number
Slovenia +386 (0) 1 828 02 40 +386 (0) 1 828 02 24
Norway +47 21 93 06 41 +47 21 93 06 48
Finland +358 (0) 9 74790024 +358 (0) 9 74790026
Lithuania +370 (8) 37 248940 +370 (8) 37 248956
Switzerland +41 (0) 44 513 30 00 +41 (0) 44 513 30 09
Dominican Republic (829) 999-2500 (829) 999-2509
Cyprus +357 77 788845 +357 77 788849
Belgium +32 (0) 4 244 10 75 +32 (0) 4 244 10 79
Mexico +52 (01) 899 274 8400 +52 (01) 899 274 8446
Germany +49 (0) 221 98203415 +49 (0) 221 98203417
Kenya +254 (0) 20 5231000 +254 (0) 20 5231005
Israel +972 (0) 76-599-0060 +972 (0) 76-599-0069
Georgia +995 (0) 706 777 057 +995 (0) 706 777 061
United Kingdom +44 (0) 330 606 0520 +44 (0) 330 606 0519
United States (605) 562-3131 (605) 562-3132
Costa Rica +506 4000 1864 +506 4000 1914
Hungary +36 1 987 6880 +36 1 987 6886
Luxembourg +352 20 30 10 00 +352 20 30 10 09
Netherlands +31 (0) 6 35205006 +31 (0) 6 35205075
Canada (605) 781-0006 (605) 562-3113
Vietnam +84 (0) 4 7108 0050 +84 (0) 4 7108 0053
Japan +81 (0) 3-5050-5100 +81 (0) 3-5050-5109
China +86 (0) 510 6801 0110 +86 (0) 510 6801 0115
Ukraine +380 (0) 89 323 9966 +380 (0) 89 323 9967
Romania +40 (0) 31 780 7050 +40 (0) 31 780 7059
Austria +43 (0) 1 2650551 +43 (0) 1 2650558
Argentina +54 (0) 11 5199-3568 +54 (0) 11 5217-5827
Turkey +90 (0) 212 988 1710 +90 (0) 212 988 1715
Slovakia +421 2 336 633 00 +421 2 336 633 09
Panama +507 838-7820 +507 838-7825
Sweden +46 (0) 8 124 107 00 +46 (0) 8 124 107 09
Portugal +351 21 005 1182 +351 21 005 1192
Italy +39 350 564 9026 +39 011 092 0919
South Korea 1600-3136 +82 (0) 70-7917-6599
Denmark +45 78 77 25 20 +45 78 77 25 25
South Africa +27 (0) 87 825 0150 +27 (0) 87 825 0159
Malaysia +60 (0) 11-1146 0060 +60 (0) 11-1146 0069
Nigeria +234 (0) 1 440 5220 +234 (0) 1 440 5215
Indonesia +62 (0) 21 51388800 +62 (0) 21 51388805
Australia +61 (0) 3 8672 0100 +61 (0) 3 8672 0109
Taiwan +886 (0) 985 646 920 +886 (0) 985 646 919
Chile +56 (0) 44 890 9330 +56 (0) 44 890 9146
Estonia +372 614 8048 +372 614 8058
Ireland +353 (0) 90 646 4160 +353 (0) 90 646 4165
Pakistan +92 (0) 21 37130600 +92 (0) 21 37130601
Czech Republic +420 225 989 155 +420 225 989 159
Croatia +385 (0) 1 8000 060 +385 (0) 1 8000 069
France +33 (0) 7 55 50 01 53 +33 (0) 7 55 50 01 79
Latvia +371 67 881 238 +371 67 881 354
GCC/Arabian Peninsula +973 1656 8350 +973 1656 8359
Brazil +55 61 4040-4277 +55 61 4040-4296
Spain +34 931 98 23 80 +34 931 98 23 89
Poland +48 22 116 85 40 +48 22 116 85 49
Bulgaria +359 (0) 2 437 2631 +359 (0) 2 437 2641

Please, send this to all of your friends. The more of us that participate, the greater the effect we will have together.

Kind regards,

Grant Connolly

Peace always begins with me

A story of great courage and persistence

Below is a recording of an interview I just held with a lady from Germany who was a prisoner in her own home for years. Whenever she tried to step outside she would literally be overwhelmed with fear and forced back inside.

Her name is Sarah and she has an amazing story to share about how she overcame her overwhelming fears to find her freedom and start a new life. And, she did it all on her own. I think she may be the bravest person I’ve ever spoken with. Just listen….

Say YES to Life!

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